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'Angels from Heaven'

By Staff
To the Editor:
I am writing requesting your assistance in thanking a couple who were of untold assistance to my daughter and I following an accident on 1-59 South on October 6.
We were involved in an automobile accident as a result of hydroplaning and my daughter was quite seriously injured. An older couple saw we needed help and stopped, loaded us into their extended cab pickup and took us to South Regional Medical Center at Laurel for medical attention.
They told me their names but because of the serious injuries to my daughter and my thinking about her, I do not remember their names.
We wish to thank these "Angels from Heaven," and hope that you will consider running the attached letter to the editor in our hopes of reaching them and thanking them for their kindness on that rainy morning. We can not express in words how grateful we are to them.
* * *
We are writing this letter in hopes that the wonderful couple who stopped to assist us on the morning of October 6 will see it and know how grateful we are to them for their help. We also wish to express our sincere thanks for their concern in seeing that we got medical attention as quickly as possible. They were truly our guardian angels on that fateful morning.
My daughter and I were on our way to a wedding in Louisiana when we were involved in an automobile accident on 1-59 South between the 122 and 123 mile marker south of Meridian. Our car hydroplaned, spun around two or three times, went down an embankment and struck some trees nearly head on.
After coming to a stop we were able to exit the car and get back up to the interstate where a man and his wife stopped to help us. Loading us immediately into their extended cab pickup, they took us to South Regional Medical Center in Laurel for treatment. Because of the serious head injuries that my daughter received, we then were taken to University Medical Center in Jackson.
Thanks to these two Good Samaritans both of us are well on the road to recovery.
We can not express adequately enough how grateful we are for your help and assistance on that dreadful morning. Your love and concern for two strangers and your fellow man and your desire to help us in our most serious time of need was immeasurable and will always be remembered.
My daughter and I would like to express our thanks to you personally, but do not remember your names or where you were from. We only know that God was watching over us that morning and sent you to help us in our time of need.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Jerome &Duski Wassmann
Jasper, Ala.
Likes 'Outdoors' page
To the Editor:
I'm writing this letter to let you now how much I enjoy the articles contained in your Outdoors page of The Meridian Star.
Hunting and fishing articles are of great interest and enjoyment to me, especially the articles written by Mike Giles. I've noticed that the Outdoors page does not appear as regularly as it once did. As a subscriber for the past 10 plus years, I just wanted to let you know that I would very much like to see more of this type article on a regular basis. I also like to read the news articles and I derive much pleasure from the cartoon section.
Thank you for making the newspaper fit the appetites of your varied readers.
Belinda Gwinn
'Concession' makes no difference
To the Editor:
A front page story in The Meridian Star (Tuesday, Nov. 14) recalled the close, extraordinary gubernatorial general election in Mississippi last year and its faint similarity to this year's presidential election.
However, it incorrectly stated that "the last gubernatorial election was decided by a vote in the Mississippi House of Representatives because the Republican candidate (Mike Parker) refused to concede."
The election went to the Mississippi House of Representatives because of clear, unequivocal state constitutional necessity that had nothing to do with the lack of a public and political "concession" on Mike Parker's part.
Contrary to persisting misconceptions, Ronnie Musgrove achieved neither of the two state constitutional requirements to win the general election outright. The winning candidate is required to win both a popular vote majority (not just a plurality as Musgrove received) and a state electoral vote majority, which neither candidate received, as they split the state electoral vote evenly.
Even if one candidate had received a popular vote majority while the other received an electoral vote majority (again, which neither Musgrove nor Parker received) the election would still by necessity have been decided by the state House of Representatives.
No candidate could have stopped this process under any of these circumstances by making a public concession, which would have absolutely no legal or constitutional effect on the electoral process.
The only effect would be political in that a public concession might help lessen the political heat on state representatives who, because of party affiliation or other reasons, would choose to vote against the gubernatorial candidate who carried their districts.
That is what a large number of Democratic state House members did, without the benefit of a public concession from Mike Parker.
Joseph J. Marshall