November 19, 2000

By Staff
Common sense precautions to guard against crime
As the holidays approach, law enforcement agencies across the Meridian area are warning they will crack down on drunk drivers or deadbeat drivers who don't buckle up their children. The tendencies to drink and drive, speed, or fail to fasten seats belts represent a danger to all and we applaud law officers in their duty. They should have little tolerance for people who needlessly put themselves, their children or the rest of us in danger.
Finding that highly-visible law enforcement efforts are effective, police in Meridian, Philadelphia and elsewhere are joining in Operation ABC Mobilization during this Thanksgiving week. They know traffic crashes are the leading cause of death to children, and nearly one-fourth of those deaths are alcohol-related.
Perhaps more intensive enforcement of traffic laws during this holiday season will make us more aware of the need to use care throughout the year.