Nov. 26, 2000

By Staff
Reader questions play of Phi Beta Kappa story
To the Editor:
As a longstanding subscriber to The Meridian Star I would like to comment on a recent edition of your paper.
At the recent Phi Beta Kappa convention in Philadelphia, Pa., the University of Mississippi was voted into the organization. Millsaps had been brought in some 10 to 12 years ago.
According to what I have heard and most people in this community are saying, this is the biggest thing that has happened in the educational field in higher education in a long time except for the Ayers case, which has been ongoing now for quite a few years and is looming as a big hurdle for the state to overcome.
The Clarion Ledger in Jackson placed this story on the front page in big letters and had two stories about it in the same addition. In addition in the Jackson paper today the editorial was again mentioned and what it meant to the state of Mississippi.
My question to you is why did you make only one small mention of this in the second page in your paper? I realized Mississippi State has a branch school in Meridian; however, if they had been admitted to the Phi Beta Kappa Society I feel the same way. It is a large step forward for higher education in Mississippi.
I don't know how or who forwarded your paper the information about the University of Mississippi being accepted. Maybe the wrong person at your paper was on duty when the information arrived in Meridian.
I would appreciate hearing from you as to why this information was handled so differently from the Jackson paper.
J. Gilbert Alexander, M.D.
Editor's Note: Recognition by Phi Beta Kappa is a tremendous boost for the cause of academic standards at the University of Mississippi and University officials should be congratulated on the achievement. Our readers may also wish to know we are working on future stories about the educational impact of Phi Beta Kappa recognition on Ole Miss, how the successful effort evolved with a major player from Meridian, and the potential of Ole Miss attracting more students from the Meridian area with high academic achievement on their records.
Our origins
To the Editor:
To the scientist who recently found fossils at the old Red Hot location stating the finds were from our ancestors, please read the Bible to see where people came from.
Chesterine Boatner
Gore and overseas postmarks
To the Editor:
I think it is the most absurd thing I have ever heard of the Gore crew not wanting the overseas service people vote to count, just because some were not postmarked. I receive mail several times a month, some without a postmark or if they have one it can't be read. Does that mean I don't have to pay that bill if I get a statement without a postmark?
The past eight years, the service people haven't been treated very well by the present administration. Mr. Gore brags about going to Vietnam  it is true he did go, as a journalist with a bodyguard, but never in harm's way.
Mr. Gore, I suggest you send Mr. Daley back to Chicago to try and straighten up the mess there, and take the rabble rouser who travels all over the country creating strife with him. Those kind of people can't help you, but those service people might have to save your life sometimes.
Jim Daniels
Mobile, Ala.
Back to the original intent
To the Editor:
It now appears to be the right time in the history of the USA for the return of our government to the original intent of the founding fathers, especially after the present fiasco in the national election.
We need a system where there are no political parties to divide the nation. We need a system where any person with the most votes becomes president and the one with the second most votes becomes vice-president.
Under the present day "people's democracy" with its divide and conquer two party system, anybody can vote twice or more even Mickey Mouse and the dead and votes are often bought. Our true freedom is in peril.
Here at the turn of a century, the time has come for the restoration of one united nation, where the people are one under God, not under big corporate interests.
Charles E. Whitehead
The great flag debate
To the Editor:
A flag is merely a symbol and when it is a symbol of a lost cause how offensive should it be to the people it was lost to?
The cross of Jesus is not a symbol that I am personally fond of. It is, however, a reminder of what makes life wrong and of what can make life better. Jesus earned the reminder of the cross and there are those who earned the reminder of the flag. Those who fought for and those who fought against slavery did so valiantly and with true commitment to their cause.
The Confederate flag is a reminder of what is right and of what was wrong. Slavery is wrong and people died fighting to be able to keep from losing it. The reasons for the cross were wrong and the Son of God suffered and died on it. A symbol of the right and wrong. A reminder.
Kay Kennedy
More on county patrolmen
To the Editor:
There has been a lot in The Meridian Star lately about Sheriff Sollie's request to the Board of Supervisors for equal pay for the sheriff's deputies to that of the county patrolmen.
As a taxpayer and registered voter I feel the pay matter may no longer be the issue. It appears that county patrolmen are a false law enforcement and a waste of tax money. I am convinced this is true when I see the condition of a large number of county roads that need resurfacing. Money spent on patrolmen's salaries, insurance and maintenance of patrol cars could be better used.
If Lauderdale County is the only county in the state that still has county patrolmen maybe the matter should be addressed by the state Legislature. Maybe they need to consider that laws pertaining to county patrolmen are out-dated, no longer of use to the public and should be repealed.
George M. Ethridge
Salvation Army thanks law officers
To the Editor:
Thank you for the opportunity to share good things through your newspaper. The Meridian Star has been more than kind in reporting Salvation Army information to the public. This brings me to my point.
The Meridian Police Department and the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department deserve a hand for jobs well done in Meridian and Lauderdale County. With the help of the Meridian Police Department, Chief Gregg Lewis, Detective Boswell and his staff, we recovered all of our equipment stolen from our building the week of Oct. 23.
The Salvation Army is proud to be associated with law enforcement personnel. It is a privilege to have Chief Lewis and Sheriff Sollie on The Salvation Army Advisory Board.
Captain Joe Mur
Salvation Army Officer
West End says thanks to My College Cares Day'
To the Editor:
I would just like to let you how much we enjoyed having the students for "My College Cares Day" at West End Elementary.
Our team captain, Lynne Grayson, along with co-captains Lynne Turner and Shellye Espey coordinated a great group of students. The West End students and teachers were thrilled to have them as a part of their class instruction. Every class had at least one student in the room and with twenty-five classes, that's a real treat. It is a pleasure for us to have them on our campus.
Please express our thanks to the faculty that coordinated the students for West End. We look forward to next year.
Karen Rhodes
SFA Reading Facilitator
West End Elementary School