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Saints loss raises a few questions

By Staff
Dec. 4, 2000
Thoughts whizzing about as I contemplate how dumb those who picked Delta State to finish sixth in the Gulf South Conference must feel right about now…
NEW ORLEANS If the collective heads of the New Orleans Saints were in the clouds following their big road win over the division rival Rams, the Denver Broncos promptly brought them back down to earth with a 38-23 dismantling. Many questions begged to be answered in the wake of yet another Sunday whipping at home to an AFC West power.
Who is Mike Anderson and how could an unheralded third-string rookie be allowed to gain such a career day against a team with an uncanny penchant for stuffing opposing running games down their opponents' throats?
Why did Haslett abandon the running game so early?
Sure the Broncos were having their way it seemed, scoring at will and in the process, grabbing the refs' fancy and demoralizing a line made up of plenty of potential Pro Bowlers.
But when you consider the Saints didn't hand the ball off once in the final 41 minutes of the defensive debacle, it's a bit shocking.
Injuries came again this week like clockwork. Former Ole Miss Rebel Norman Hand won't be around during these next three weeks and probably beyond that to clog up the running lanes, and Chad Morton suffered a separated shoulder.
When will the episode of M.A.S.H. be over?
Given the Saints history, they probably won't be until the season is done.
But the main theme coming out of the locker room was the same as it was during the previous four setbacks: No looking back.
Safety Sammy Knight insisted that if there were in fact those already dreaming of playoffs, that a wake up call is in order.
Of all the personnel losses experienced of late, perhaps the one that may prove to be the most costly will be Hand.
But for those really wanting to delve into the team's current mindset, Joe Horn's got all you need.
When someone asked Horn, who collected 170 yards receiving, about the team giving up 38 points, the former Itawamba CC standout bristled.
Hopefully for Horn's sake, the number of guys he has left to ride with, will stop shrinking.
Richard Dark is a sports writer for the Meridian Star. Email him at