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For area veterans, memory of Pearl Harbor will never die

By Staff
BACK THEN Martin, now 83, was a young Navy man thousands of miles from home and family the day Pearl Harbor was bombed. Submitted photo
By Marianne Todd/The Meridian Star
Dec. 7, 2000
On its 59th anniversary, the bombing of Pearl Harbor is as fresh in the minds of area veterans as today's sunrise.
Norwood Driskill, a retired Army man, remembers the day clearly.
Marvin Weir was also just a kid when he heard the news.
Although Pearl Harbor was bombed two years before Bob Gray was born, his interest in the subject peaked during his Naval Hawaiian tour.
As an amateur historian, Gray is concerned some historical facts about the bombing of Pearl Harbor will be lost.
Gray said on the anniversary, his thoughts go out to the men who lost their lives during the sinking of the USS Arizona.
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