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Local party leaders applaud Gore's decision

By Staff
UNITER n President-elect Bush waves after addressing the nation Wednesday evening from the chambers of the Texas House of Representatives in Austin, Texas. AP photo
By Ben AlexanderThe Meridian Star
Dec. 14, 2000
Vice President Al Gore extinguished at least some flames in the hottest presidential race in history with a concession Wednesday a decision applauded by local political leaders.
As Gore conceded the race and congratulated Bush, Lauderdale County Democratic Party Chairman Bill Ready Sr. said whether it was appropriate for Gore to quit now was a personal decision.
Gore's decision put an end to more than five tumultuous weeks of legal battles for Florida's precious 25 electors, which apparently gives Bush one electoral vote more than the 270 needed to win the White House.
On Tuesday night the U.S. Supreme Court dealt Gore an devastating blow by ruling Florida's hand recounts were unconstitutional. The nation's high court ruled the state needed a uniform system for counting contested ballots in all counties and said any recount after Dec. 12 would be a violation of Florida's constitution.
As the debate over who won the Sunshine State's 25 electors came to an end, Gianakos said the real winners may be the American people whom he said had grown weary with the legal wrangling.
With Bush preparing to take the oath as the country's 43rd president, Gianakos said it is disappointing that the outcome had to be decided in a courtroom.
Asked whether or not Bush would have a hard time being considered a legitimate president given the manner in which the race was won, Gianakos said it would depend on the media's portrayal of the situation.
Despite the high tensions and protests that had characterized much of the election process and debate, Ready said he didn't believe the country would have a difficult time rallying around any president.
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