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A &B Electric: Flagship of the company fleet

By By Ben Alexander/The Meridian Star
Dec. 15, 2000
Looking back a quarter century, electricians Jimmy Alexander and Henry Burns may never have thought their fledgling electrical contracting company would flourish into one of the brightest pieces of the Meridian economy.
The two had worked for other companies before connecting with their best circuit: an alliance to create and develop their own business.
Now, their electrical contracting company has grown into a multitude of varying business enterprises operating in a three state area.
In fact, the original A &B Electric Company Inc. has sparked off two more locations and three other businesses that are owned by the Jimmy and Ann Alexander and Burns.
There are now A &B Electric Company Inc. locations in both Pascagoula and Tuscaloosa, which have turned enormous profits for the group. The group has spawned another A &B entity A &B Communications and a mechanical contracting shop  Industrial Mechanical Contractors  both located in Meridian.
The group also opened Reman, an award-winning business specializing in remanufacturing components for the automotive industry, with locations in Decatur and Popeville.
Ann Alexander says the expansion into the other industrial and commercial businesses seemed natural because of the men's background in the industries.
Although all the businesses have served them well, Ann says the A &B Electric Company has always been the group leader.
The company's continued work at the Mercedes plant in Vance, Ala. enabled the company's expansion into the Tuscaloosa location.
The firm has not only contracted work with Mercedes, but has done extensive work for various casino projects around the state, working on projects worth an estimated $11 million. In 25 years the company's number of employees has skyrocketed from three to over 300 this year.
According to Ann Alexander, three factors have spurred the company's continued growth in its industry.
Ben Alexander is a staff writer for The Meridian Star. E-mail him at