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Gore: Opting out

By Staff
Dec. 14, 2000
Vice President Al Gore made the right albeit painfully delayed decision yesterday in opting out of the tortured presidential campaign. He faced the nation in prime time last night, closing the curtain on the macabre event we now know as Election 2000.
And, so, Texas Gov. George W. Bush will apparently take the oath of office on Jan. 20, 2001 as America's 43rd president.
As we reflect on the last 37 days, we are reminded of how valuable is the one act of citizenship many take for granted: the act of voting. Voting doesn't end with showing up at the polling place and walking into the booth. The act of voting ends when the votes are cast within the rules under which the election is held, and then counted under the rules in which the election is held.
There is no justification ever for changing the rules after an election is held. That is what the Florida Supreme Court attempted to do and, fortunately, twice, its collective hand was slapped by the U.S. Supreme Court.
Today, the country moves ahead, just as we have known all along it would do, must do, in order to survive yet another political crisis.