Peter Pan' to take flight at Meridian Little Theatre

By Staff
Special to The Star
Dec. 10, 2000
More than 90 local youth will be featured in Meridian Little Theatre's Youth Division production of "Peter Pan."
The cast is scheduled to perform 20 shows for Meridian and Lauderdale County school students Jan. 22-26. In addition, two shows are open to the public on Jan. 27 and 28. Pat Gray is director; Susie McCraw, choreographer; Tammy Miles, musical director; and Carla Warner, stage manager.
The cast includes:
Peter Pan Brandon Johnson
Wendy (child) Katie White
John David Parker
Michael Jordan Martin
Liza Haylee Chancellor
Nan Charity Bates
Mrs. Darling Amy Poole
Captain Hook and Mr. Darling Brent McCarty
Tiger Lily Frances Warner
Big Little Panther Casey Newell
Wendy (adult) Le Ann Palmer
Jane Jordin Johnson
Crocodile Regan Swain
Other cast members include:
Pirates: Smee, Jordan Mathis; Starkey, Bill Malone; Noodler, Dustin Stokes; Mullins, Scott Cofield; Jukes, Steven Andero; Chico, Patrick Swearingen; and Junior, Adam Moore.
Lost children: Slightly, Sarah Fair; Curly, Christina Bertram; Shiner, Shelby Gibson; Sissy, Arrielle Dale; Peanut, Lindsey Summerlin; Beamer, Lauren Glisson; Tooties, Samantha Brooks; Scooter, Paige Ip; Niles, MacKenzie Ortlepp; Corky, Dylan Miles; and Pork, Trent Mosley.
Other cast members will portray animals, fairies, lost children, little pirates, the Pirate Chorus and Indian Chorus.
Admission to the production is $8, adults; $6, children under 12 years. For tickets or further information, call Meridian Little Theatre at 482-6371 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. weekdays.