Two families come together on Marion-Russell Road

By By Sharon White/The Meridian Star
Dec. 17, 2000
It wasn't a typical trip home from the ball game for Charlie Henderson and his family Saturday afternoon.
The Hendersons and their two sons were driving on Marion-Russell Road about noon when the storm hit Lauderdale County.
Charlie Henderson, deciding the best thing for his family was to leave their Ford Explorer, whipped the vehicle inside a nearby carport at 1408 Marion Russell Road.
The Hendersons' new friends were Tommy Bailey, and his son, Clay, who was home for the weekend from the University of Mississippi to visit his parents.
Bailey's son had just escaped being struck by a limb that fell through his bedroom ceiling and landed point-down where his head lay only moments earlier.
His son said a minute later, there were people in their driveway, and his father again went into action.
After the storm moved out of the area, the elder Henderson said he felt like it was his "turn to help out." As his sons and wife watched and waited, Henderson grabbed the Bailey's chain saw and began cutting away fallen trees to clear the street for rescue workers. Officials with Mississippi Power Company worked until after 6 p.m. restoring power to the community.
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