Sandflat Road home damaged by fire

By By Sheila Blackmon/.The Meridian Star
Dec. 20, 2000
A house fire early this morning heavily damaged a Lauderdale County home but resulted in no injuries.
Lauderdale County Fire Coordinator Clarence Butler said dispatchers received the call just after 4 a.m. The fire occurred on Sandflat Road off Highway 19 South just outside Meridian city limits, he said.
Butler said the heater was located in a spare bedroom and had a bed, couch and chest of drawers stacked in front of it. The fire is the second or third this year caused by electric heaters of this type. Butler said he urges people to move furniture located in front of electric heaters.
At press time, Butler said he did not know the name of the homeowner and was still compiling information about the fire. He said there were no injuries.
Russell, Vimville and Long Creek volunteer fire departments responded.
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