Men on a mission

By Staff
DECISIONS, DECISIONS n From left to right, Marvin Weir, Richard Kelly and James Alsobrooks scan the directory at Bonita Lakes Mall to decide where to begin their shopping adventure. For many men, shopping for women can be a nightmare for both parties. Photo by Paula Merritt/The Meridian Star
By Ida Brown/The Meridian Star
Dec. 17, 2000
Conversation overheard recently between two women at a local department store:
First woman: "I'm getting worried about Christmas."
Second woman: "What? That you don't have enough money to get the kids what they want?"
First woman: "Nah, that I'm going to get that singing fish plaque as a gift!"
Second woman: "From who? Your husband?"
First woman: "Yeah. Everytime he sees that commercial he just laughs and looks at me real funny … Maybe the kids will stop him."
Second woman: "You know, men just don't know how to shop for women."
While this does not apply to all men, it does hold true for a great many.
Ever watched a man having trouble finding a gift? He picks up an item, looks at it (correction, looks at the price), then places it back. He then walks over to another item, and does the same. After a gruesome 5 minutes of this, he either hastily picks something or just walks out the store.
Ladies, if you share this sentiment, this article may spare you from having to pretend to love that shocking pink blouse your husband gave you for Christmas. And the green one … and the Barney purple one all the same style.
Several local businesses were contacted for gift suggestions to men for females in three age categories: Teens to mid 20s; 25 to 50; and 51-plus. Jewelry as well as bath and body gels and lotions were recommended for all three age groups. Other across-the-board items included books and music.
The following items were recommended:
Sue Goldman, a sales associate in the jewelry department at Dillard's, recommends Fossil watches, necklaces and bracelets.
Phillip Jones, store manager at K-Mart, also recommends jewelry.
Hall also recommends jewelry, particularly antique pieces.
Beaded hand bags, as well as velvet and embroidery also were recommended by Hall. Scented candles and prints by artist Walter Anderson also have been popular choices.
Ashley Hill of Fishes and Loaves Christian Bookstore recommends CDs and cassettes for teen and young adult males to give to a special female.
Eyeglass cases, key rings with add-on charms bearing pets, cross, angels and sports and recreational themes also are recommended by Hill. And, the book "31 Days of Prayer" has been popular reading for teens and young adults.
Berlinda Hood, a sales associates in ladies accessories at Dillard's, also recommends designer purses and wallets as gifts for teens and young adults.
Jimmy Palmer, manager of Wal-Mart at Bonita, also recommends jewelry and bath products but added that CDs, cassettes and DVD tapes make great gift items for this age group.
Ages 25 to 50/50-plus
Many of Stubbs recommendations are applicable to women 25 to 50 and older.
Hand-blown glass ornaments by noted designer Christopher Radko also were recommended.
Next to diamonds, fur is an ideal way to warm a woman's heart. The Liberty Shop just received a shipment of furs of every type.
And if leather is what she likes, Liberty Shop has that, too.
Sweaters, scented candles, bath gels and lotions, cruise and sportswear also were recommended by Pierce as gift items.
Jane Garrison, a sales associate in women's apparel at Dillard's, recommends pants suits.
Goldman also recommends jade jewelry, as well as black onyx on sterling silver. Anne Klein, Guess, Fossil and Kenneth Cole watches, sterling jewelry with beads, silver pendants set in stones such as garnet also were suggested.
Gloves, hat sets, scarves, jewelry boxes, sterling pin sets, compacts and manicure sets as well as designer purses were gift items suggested by Hood.