Dec. 18, 2000

By Staff
On the meaning of Christmas
To the Editor:
When I was a youngster Christmas, meant one thing that I'd be getting lots of toys that day. I learned a whole lot different when my mother sat me down and taught me to spell Christmas this way.
C For the Christ child, born upon this day;
H For herald angels in the night;
R For our redeemer;
I Means Israel;
S For the stars that shone so bright;
T For three wise men, they who traveled far;
M For the manger where he lay;
A For all he stands for;
S Shepherds came;
and that's why there's a Christmas Day.
Happy Christmas and a merry and prosperous New Year.
Robert E. Clark Sr.
Thank for helping get the word out'
To the Editor:
Thank you for your support of our Third Annual Retiree Celebration. We appreciate very much the coverage given to us by The Meridian Star, both before and after the event.
As I am sure you are aware, "getting the word" out is extremely important to the success of any program, which is why we appreciate your willingness to cover community events. Thanks to your efforts and the efforts of others in the community, we had over 400 retirees from Meridian and Lauderdale County attend our celebration.
Economic development is important to Meridian, and the retiree recruitment program is one way to grow our economy. Through our program, we advertise Meridian as a great place to retire in numerous national publications and, last year alone, we sent out over 5,600 informational packets on Meridian. We have also documented over 50 retiree households that have chosen Meridian during the past three years.
Thank you.
Kathleen Coward
Retiree Recruitment Coordinator
Book compilation
To the Editor:
I am writing this letter in regard to a book being compiled for the Collinsville, Martin and Schamberville communities. Ruby Vance Harrison, a native of Collinsville who is also a volunteer at the Lauderdale County Archives for the last ten years, noticed in her volunteer work there were books about other areas of the county with the exception of Collinsville, Martin and Schamberville.
This work began some time ago and we want to thank those who have already submitted their family history and stories and other information. Our deadline for stories has been extended until the end of the year.
If anyone would like to submit any stories or other information, please send to Jerry Ethridge at 8742 Old Hwy 19 South Collinsville, MS 39325 or call 626-8525; or Linda Cook at PO Box 65 Collinsville, MS 39325 or phone 626-8544.
We appreciate your help in making this a book we can be proud of.
Jerry Ethridge
Linda Cook