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Flag support group hosts meeting Saturday

By By Ben Alexander/The Meridian Star
A pro-flag lobbying group plans to host a meeting in Meridian on Saturday in an attempt to drum up support for the embattled emblem before a statewide vote on April 17.
Members of the Mississippi Heritage Pact will host the meeting to rally voters in support of the flag.
The group plans to hold its meeting at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 79, located on old Highway 80 West. The meeting begins at 12 noon.
More than 106-years after its creation, the state's flag has remained a symbol of both pride and controversy, especially in recent years.
African-American groups oppose the flag and claim it's a symbol of a racist past and should not be used as a symbol to represent the entire state.
Church said although the flag has been the subject of intense debate in recent months, many people don't understand what the flag stands for.
According to Church, members will make a presentation at the meeting, informing those who attend on the "true" history behind the flag.
In recent months several business and industry leaders in the state have claimed using the state's current flag discourages new businesses from locating in the state due to the controversy.
A recent news report claimed that Nissan executives weren't happy about the controversial emblem flying in the state, but made the decision to locate their manufacturing plant in Madison County despite the turmoil.
Church says he doesn't believe Nissan's political affiliations are that entrenched in issues such as the state's flag.
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