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Coffee, food, relaxation, conversation on menu at Latitudes Espresso Bar

By By Ben Alexander/The Meridian Star
Jan. 14, 2001
The word's second definition in Webster's Dictionary means freedom, and that's just what co-owners and sisters Marilyn Frasier and Mary-Ellen Eckles hope customers find at their Latitudes Espresso Bar and Restaurant, 1900 Front Street in Meridian.
The espresso bar/restaurant's ambiance invites customers to relax and enjoy a feeling of freedom as they sip on a Caramel Ciocolat or nibble away at a delicious gyros all under a ceiling painted to resemble clouds in the sky or, in good weather, sidewalk tables with a view of Union Station.
Frasier and Eckles' venture into the espresso bar/restaurant business has been open just over a year, filling a need for their type of establishment in Meridian.
Their food is a unique blend of Mediterranean cuisine and traditional American favorites, offering everything from Greek Gyros, Mediterranean Pasta to a hot dog. The two admit the entree names can sometimes catch customers off-guard, but say with one taste they can be hooked.
According to the two owners, a large part of the place's charm is in the non-intimidating atmosphere.
Their location in the Front Street corridor draws all types of customers, from doctors and lawyers to mechanics.
In addition to a vast array of cappuccinos, appetizers, salads, gyros, stuffed baked potatoes, sandwiches and pasta, the restaurant also offers specialties such as veal scallopini and gourmet desserts from Bourbon Pecan Pie and cannoli to homemade cheesecake.
Latitudes also caters parties and is available for take out orders.
For further information on Latitudes Espresso Bar and Restaurant, call 485-0507.
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