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By Staff
Jan. 28, 2001
Imogene Irvin is a very lucky woman. She went back to her Alabama farm Friday after months of intensive physical therapy at The Specialty Hospital of Meridian.
In a way, she also went back to the site of her injury, to her farm, where she had been hit in the head by a steel gate that was kicked by one of her bulls during a ruckus with another.
Judging from her comments during a send off arranged by the staff members who treated her, Mrs. Irvin, 70, knows she is fortunate. Even family members did not expect her recovery from a traumatic brain injury.
Mrs. Irvin is able to stand, speak, dress herself with little help and walk with assistance. "I'll remember you, I won't forget you and I will probably come back to visit," she told her nurses and therapists.
On her way out of the hospital, someone asked her what she would do once she got home. She said she thought she was ready for a little housework, but that tending the cows again had no appeal.
Now that sounds very sensible.