Holley, Jenkins make debut to society

By Staff
Special to The Star
Feb. 4, 2001
Miss Ashley Moore Holley of Meridian and Miss Margo Elizabeth Jenkins of Columbus were among 30 debutantes presented during the 58th Annual Debutante Ball and Presentation.
Sponsored by the Delta Debutante Club, the Dec. 29 ball was presented at Greenville Golf and Country Club.
Miss Holley is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Leon Holley of Meridian. She attends Delta State University, where she is a member of Phi Mu sorority. Miss Holley was presented by her father and escorted by Braxton Henry Maddox of Gulf Shores.
Miss Jenkins is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bertram Austin Jenkins of Columbus. She attends Mississippi State University, where she is a member of Delta Gamma sorority. Miss Jenkins was presented by her father and escorted by Joshua Paul Daly of Grenada.
Debutantes wore traditional floor-length white dresses and carried Victorian clutches of champagne, Oslana, Virginia and Anna roses. Dr. Eustis Harold Winn III of Greenville served as master of ceremonies for the presentation of debutantes to an assembly of friends, family, patrons and members of the Bachelor's Club. Music was provided y the Danny Blurton Group of Nashville. A Victorian theme was carried out throughout the country club.
Prior to the debutante ball, a Bachelor's Club Ball was held at the country club. Guests included members of the Bachelor's Club, Debutante Club and friends. Music was provided by Entice.
The holiday season round of parties began after the father-daughter rehearsal with a supper honoring Miss Elizabeth Lanier Cope. Held at the Greenville Country Club, the event was hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Bill Brigham, Mr. and Mrs. DeLoach Cope, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dean, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson LaFoe, Mr. and Mrs. Kirkham Povall and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Webb.
Shapley's in the Delta was the setting for a brunch honoring Miss Elizabeth Lanier Cope, Miss Karla Marie Drake, Miss Carol Sterling Kidd, Miss Julia Viola McNeely and Miss Meredith Marie Witte. The brunch was hosted by the parents of the honorees.
Following rehearsal on the eve of the ball, a dance honoring Miss Lee Kathryn Brislin, Miss Elizabeth Baskin Fisher, Miss Margo Elizabeth Jenkins, Miss Georgeanna Reid Milam and Miss Rebekah Montgomery Walker was held at Bass Cultural Center. Hosts for the event were the debutantes' parents. Music was provided by the Undergrounders.
On the day of the ball, debutantes Miss Mary Elizabeth Bailey, Miss Julia Johnston Berry, Miss Rebecca Lauren Burrow, Miss Ashley Moore Holley and Miss Ashley Parker Hood were honored by their parents with a jazz brunch at KC's in Cleveland.
The pages and escorts were honored with a South of the Border party at the Cypress Hills Tennis Club. Music was provided by Charlie Lum.
The Delta Debutante Club is the oldest debutante club in Mississippi. The club was founded in 19r2 under the direction of Mrs. Judge Rabun Jones of Greenville with the assistance of Stuart Whitmarsh of New York City, editor of the Debutante Register.