MHS renovations

By Staff
RENOVATIONS n This diagram by Landry and Lewis Architects of Hattiesburg shows Phase I of the master plan for Meridian High School. Photo by Kelly Quackenbush/The Meridian Star.
By Kelly Quackenbush/The Meridian Star
Feb. 21, 2001
The Meridian School Board has approved a $2.5 million first phase of an extensive renovation project at Meridian High School.
Funding for phase one of the master plan will come from a federal program under an interest-free loan that will be paid back over a period of 10 years.
Officials said a local contribution of 10 percent, or $250,000, provided by the Riley Foundation was instrumental in securing the federal funds. Under the Riley grant, a nurse will be stationed at MHS for years to come.
The actual renovation work under phase one will be put out for bid soon and construction could begin as early as this summer.
The work will include installation of an elevator, upgrade of wiring, lighting and fire alarms and HVAC/plumbing improvement in the Activities Building. In the Main Building, re-roofing, exterior waterproofing, restroom renovations and HVAC upgrades are scheduled. In the Library/Science Building, work will be done on restrooms, roof and floors. Exterior doors will also be added to health classrooms and improvements made to mechanical and electrical systems.
Planning for the Meridian High School Master Plan began in October 2000. Landry and Lewis Architects of Hattiesburg proposed the seven-phase plan.
Thus far, phase one is the only one approved by the school board. The other six phases of the master plan for Meridian High School will be implemented if funding is available.
The other parts of the plan include: a new baseball stadium and softball field, a new parking lot and driveway, re-routing of the traffic flow, a new students service building, a new library and cafeteria, possibly moving ninth grade into the second floor of the new student services building and renovating the Ross Collins Building.
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