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DeKalb eyes $2 million in water improvements

By By Sheila Blackmon/The Meridian Star
Feb. 24, 2001
DEKALB A proposed Tennessee Valley Authority power plant in Kemper County could bring an added benefit to town more than $2 million in water system improvements.
The proposed $180 million natural gas fired turbine generating plant is scheduled for construction May 1, pending final environmental clearance. It is one of a number of similar plants planned or under construction in Mississippi.
Terrell Temple, engineer for Kemper County and DeKalb, said a multitude of improvements must be provided to meet the power plant's needs.
During operating hours, the plant requires about 460 gallons per minute of water flow, Temple said.
Planned improvements include new emergency generators, which Temple said will almost double the amount of available water in emergencies.
A new water treatment plant is also in the works. Temple said DeKalb officials have applied to the Appalachian Region Commission for a construction grant. The ARC has approved the preapplication and DeKalb officials are waiting for final grant approval.
DeKalb will get a new 500 gallon-per-minute well to supplement their existing 500-gallon-per-minute well, he said.
He said East Mississippi Electric Power Association officials are working with TVA to construct a 12-inch water line from the town's treatment plant to the proposed TVA plant. The water treatment plant will also include piping necessary to tie to this new water line.
The $2 million in improvements $400,000 for the water treatment plant, $650,000 in piping and $950,000 water line will cost the town of DeKalb about $80,000, Temple said. The rest will come from TVA and grants.
The water line installation is scheduled to begin May 1, the well construction this summer and the treatment plant early next year, Temple said.
Sheila Blackmon is a staff writer for The Meridian Star. E-mail her at