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Clarke grand jury indicts 69

By By Steve Swogetinsky/The Meridian Star
Feb. 25, 2001
The Clarke County Grand Jury returned 69 indictments as it wrapped up its February term.
The grand jury interviewed 17 witnesses.
There was one murder indictment. Willie Charles Jackson, 70, was charged with the stabbing death of Ricky Thames.
Three men were charged with armed robbery in connection with the June 30, 2000 robbery of First State Bank in Shubuta, in which $6,482 was taken. Charged were Richard A. Carter, 21, and Marcus D. Conner, 21, of Shubuta, and Steven Roundtree, 18, of Miami, Fla.
The grand jury toured several public buildings and facilities and made several recommendations, including the need for Clarke County build a juvenile detention center
The following indictments were returned by the Clarke County Grand Jury (includes only suspects who have been arraigned):
Armed robbery
Richard A. Carter, 21, Shubuta.
Marcus D. Conner, 21, Shubuta.
Steven Roundtree, 18, Miami, Fla.
Harold Edward Presley, 18, Stonewall, simple assault of police officer, robbery.
Michael Tillman, 20, Stonewall, aggravated assault.
Barbara Payton, 40, Waynesboro, aggravated assault.
Bad checks
Becky Porter, Rose Hill, felony bad check.
George Cooley, 53, Shubuta, 2 counts of felony bad check.
Michael Lewis, 27, Stonewall, felony bad check.
Jeffrey Scott Evans, 35, Melvin, Ala., auto burglary, convicted felon in possession of firearm.
Ty. S. Strickland, 24, Pachuta, burglary of a dwelling.
Darren Wilson, 37, Shubuta, burglary of a dwelling.
Jerry W. Morrissette, 20, Quitman, auto burglary.
Michael L. Rutley, 23, Quitman, auto burglary, burglary of a dwelling.
Driving under the influence
Earlie B. Hales, 49, Vossburg, felony DUI
drug charges
Johnny Taylor, 28, Meridian, possession of over an ounce of marijuana with intent to sale.
Kevin Bryant, 25, Meridian, possession of over an ounce of marijuana with intent to sale.
Michael L. Young, 30, Quitman, possession of marijuana with intent to sale; convicted felon in possession of firearm;
Charlie Pickett, 43, Quitman, sale of cocaine;
Otis A. Ivy Jr., 37, Quitman, manufacture of marijuana.
Regina A. Ivy, 34, Quitman, manufacture of marijuana.
Joseph Kostick, 35, Quitman, embezzlement, aggravated assault.
Grand Larceny
Kip D. Murray, Enterprise, grand larceny.
Ronald W. Morgan Jr., 29, Quitman, grand larceny.
Lustful touching
Lou E. Guy, 33, Quitman, lustful touching of a child.
Willie Charles Jackson, 70, Quitman, murder.
Receiving stolen property
Rodney A. Whitfield, 23, Clarke County, receiving stolen property.
Sexual Battery
Mark V. Gray, 32, Enterprise, sexual battery.
Edward T. Minella, 34, Quitman, fondling, sexual battery.
Statutory rape
Rapheal C. Staten, 18, Shubuta, statutory rape.
Weapons possession
Alton Vale, 25, Quitman, convicted felon in possession of firearm.
Jerome Harris Jr., 25, Mobile, Ala., convicted felon in possession of firearm.
Jerome Powell, 46, Mobile, Ala., convicted felon in possession of firearm.
Scott B. Ellis, Wayne County, convicted felon in possession of firearm.