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NAS Meridian holds winging' ceremony

By Staff
Special to The Star
Feb. 24, 2001
NAS MERIDIAN Ten pilots received their Naval aviator designations in a winging' ceremony Friday afternoon in the chapel at Naval Air Station Meridian.
The Naval aviator designation ceremony is not required by U.S. Navy regulations, but has emerged as an honored part of Naval tradition. It marks the culmination of nearly two years of specialized training, which has prepared these officers for the demands of aerial combat and carrier operations earning each the title of Naval aviator and the right to wear the coveted "wings of gold."
The guest speaker was Rear Adm. Hamlin Tallent, assistant commander, Navy Personnel Command for Distribution.
Those wingees who carrier qualified in the T-45C "Goshawk" include:
1st Lt. Geoffrey Baum of Denton, Texas;
Lt. j.g. William Beaty of Orange Park, Fla.;
Lt. j.g. Eric Emery of Crystal Lake, Ill.;
Lt. j.g. Michael Garcia of Sangas, Calif.;
Lt. j.g. Shane Lansford of Fremont, Calif.;
Capt. Heath Reed of San Jose, Calif.;
1st Lt. Christopher Reinhart of Federal Way, Wash.;
Lt. Emerson Roberto of Curitiba, Parana, Brazil;
1st Lt. Craig Schaffner of Pacific, Mo.; and
Lt. j.g. Matthew Stevenson of Houston