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Hundreds to be jailed during Cardiac Arrest'

By Staff
Special to The Star
March 10, 2001
Volunteers from Rush Foundation Hospital and The Specialty Hospital of Meridian have teamed up with the American Heart Association in a fight against heart disease and strokes by becoming presenting sponsors for the 2001 Lauderdale County "Cardiac Arrest."
Cardiac Arrest is a community event overseen by a "parole board" made up of local people, and is a top fund-raiser for research, education and community service by the American Heart Association.
Here's how it works: The 25-member parole board has submitted about 500 names of potential "arrestees."
Arrestees range from city and county officials to local business owners to friends, relatives and co-workers. Each arrestee is responsible for raising $250. They will be booked complete with an official mug shot and Cardiac Arrest T-shirt and thrown into the "slammer" to spend time with other "jailbirds."
These arrestees will need to raise "bail money" through donations from colleagues, friends and neighbors. With the bail money in hand, they will turn themselves in at the "jail" site at the multi-purpose room at Mississippi State University Meridian March 22, between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.
To nominate an arrestee, call Desire Reynolds at Rush Foundation Hospital at 482-9644 or Susan Speed at the American Heart Association at 693-7500.