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City Tournament was a big success

By By M.A. Copeland/The Meridian Star
March 13, 2001
Hi bowling fans.
The past weekend was taken over by the youth bowlers from both NAS and Dixie Bowl as the 38th Annual City Tournament took place.
We would like to say a big thanks to Candice Blackmon, Leon Fike, and Robin Davis as they did a great job putting together one of the better youth tournaments we have had in a while.
We would also like to thank everyone who helped keep scores posted and the parents for letting the kids bowl. It is the best way I know to promote the future of the bowling game. Great job everyone.
As we go to the high scores of the week, we find Mike Cothern bowled a 290 game/754 series for the men and Janie Tisdale had a 247/679 for the ladies.
The Thursday scores will not be reported until next week, but we had one that couldn't wait. Bowling in the Dixie Belles league after throwing a gutter ball on her first delivery, Kelly Telfeyan came back for the spare in the first frame and then proceeded to throw eleven strikes in a row for a big 290 game.
It was also her first 600 series with a big 687. Great bowling Kelly. I'm sure it won't be your last.
The following had 700 series last week: Johnnie Blackmon (750), Mike Carson (727), Chuck Gray (711), James Bloomer (746), Mike Holcomb (728), Barry Woods (715), Mike Cothern (754), Robert Brown (700), and Ken Mattson a (702). It was Ken's first and we know it won't be his last.
Now for the high league scores.
In Queen City, Mike Cothern had a 289 and Mike Carson had a 727. In Dixie Belles, Nita Fike led with a 243/648. In Ball &Chain, Johnnie Blackmon led the men with a 275/750 and Gale Wedgeworth led the ladies with a 225/599. In Senior Citizens, Don McWilliams had a 215/591 and Neoma Huffman had a 220/583.
In Monday Nighters Fred White had a 276 while Joe Warren had a 670 for the men and Janie Tisdale led the ladies with a 235/679.
In Hucklebuck, Mike Holcomb had a 279 and James Bloomer had a 746. In Tuesday Mixed, Curtis Rutledge led the men with a 279/695 while Richelle Porter had a 192 and Barbara Skelton had a 512 for the ladies.
In Bowlerettes, Pat James had a 254/591.
In the MCC Intramural league, Rick Beal had a 187/483 and Rita McClure had a 168/396. In the Northwood league, Ruth Church had a 180/459 and Louise Flood also had a 459. In Wednesday Night Mixed, Mike Cothern had a 290/754 for the men and Janie Tisdale had a 247/590 for the ladies. Finally in the Youth Fun Time league, Josh Coleman rolled a 245/633.
Before we wrap it up a reminder to the ladies, city entrants close March 15. We need all your support. Men state closing date is March 21. If you have entered any event at that time then you can re-enter any time lanes are available during the tournament.
Until next week, great bowling to all!