Massey: We always stump our toe'

By By Ben Alexander/The Meridian Star
May 25, 2001
The president of the Home Builders Association of Mississippi says he doesn't understand why the Meridian Planning Commission rejected a Proposal to spur new growth in the city's residential areas.
Meridian builder Donnie Massey is the newly elected president of the statewide organization.
Massey's comments came less than a week after the planning commission rejected an incentives package developed by the Community Development Department and the Grow Meridian Team.
The incentives package would have offered developers a property tax break and set up a fund for the city to pay for water and sewer infrastructure in new subdivisions. Community Development officials met with the Meridian Homebuilders Association and local developers to devise the incentives package.
Several planning commission members said they voted against the package because they felt the first-come, first-serve philosophy governing water and sewer infrastructure funds was unfair.
Meridian Planning Manager Don Jemison told commission members Tuesday the process would encourage developers to finish construction in a timely manner.
The Grow Meridian Team's overall plan for growth called for the city to adopt an incentives package to lure more developers to build inside the city increasing the population and the tax base.
Massey said his organization will do whatever it can to help local home builders and city officials develop solutions.
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