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A good first step

By Staff
July 22, 2001
State and local officials in Clarke County have taken a good first step at solving problems at a hazardous crossing at the intersection of Highway 45 and the new Highway 145. With prodding from state Rep. Eric Robinson, they have placed flashing lights and other traffic direction controls at the intersection.
This intersection is quickly earning a deadly reputation, and additional steps are necessary to ensure safe passage. The Mississippi Department of Transportation should immediately remove another obstacle a hill which restricts visibility for intersecting drivers.
When all of the politics, prioritizing and posturing subside, the essential fact remains that the intersection of 45 and 145 is still dangerous. MDOT's sole priority should be to design and construct safe thoroughfares that enhance not endanger the driving public.
Additional corrective measures at the intersection of Highways 45 and 145 are needed now.