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Time to think about fall, winter leagues

By By M.A. Copeland /Special to The Star
July 31, 2001
Hi bowling fans.
Well summer seems like it just got here and in two weeks school will be starting already. It makes the summers seem so short. That means we are already working on the fall and winter leagues as they are scheduled to meet the week of August 13th thru the 17th and begin the August 20th thru the 25th.
If you would like to bowl and bring a team in the league, we will appreciate you calling 483-2283 or come by Dixie Bowl and sign up. We have openings every night for your pleasure. M.A. Copeland, Mary Copeland, Mike Carson, Debbie Jones, or Betty Dorough will be happy to help. League bowling is fun plus you get to meet a lot of new friends.
We do have a schedule out that covers all our leagues and other specials we have. Come by and pick one up or call and give us your address and we'll mail you one. If you're looking for something to do these hot summer days, try a bowling trip. It's great for the whole family.
Well, news is short this time of year so we will go to the high scores for the week.
We will start with the seniors where C.W. Gray bowled a 236/604 and Mae Robinson rolled a 184/500.
In Adult/Jr, Leon Fike had a 234/669 and Blake Smith had a 243/608. In Tuesday Mix, Stan Bottorff had a 260 and M.A. Copeland had a 686. For the ladies, Barbara Skelton had a 219 and Marlene Stokes had a 572. In Summer Trio, James Bloomer had a 279/704 and Barbara Holden had a 204/556.
In Ball &Chain, Stan Bottorff had a 279 and Ron Coleman had a 775. For the ladies, Billie Coleman had a 205 and Sheila Dearman had a 583.
As you can see the scores are still good so come out and try your hand and enjoy the great game of bowling.
Have a great week.