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New technology program available at Meridian High

By Staff
NEW TECHNOLOGY Ross Collins Vocational Director Wayne Eason, left, observes as Walt Littleton, instructor, demonstrates the hands-on opportunity high school students will have in the new computer systems technology program. Photo by Steve Gillespie/The Meridian Star
By Steve Gillespie/The Meridian Star
August 5, 2001
Even though classes start Thursday, Meridian High School students still have time to juggle their schedules to get into the newest technology program at Ross Collins Vocational School.
Meridian is one of four sites in the state offering computer systems technology, a two-year curriculum featuring hands-on training in computer networking, applications and support. The school was approved for the program at the end of last school year, after preregistration.
Wayne Eason, vocational director, said information about the new program's availability was sent out to incoming 10th-graders.
The first year of the program instructs students in computer repairs, computer hardware, basic electronics and operating systems. The second year will be devoted mainly to wide-area and local-area networks, Web page design and Internet connections.
Students will receive an "A+ certification," a national certification for computer repairmen and a "Net+ certification," one of many Internet networking certifications.
Although Meridian Public School District has its own computer technicians on staff, Eason said he hopes students in the computer systems technology class will have an opportunity to work on simple mechanical problems that may come up.
Eason said about $55,000 was spent on equipment for the program. The money is reimbursed through the state department of education.
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