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Sept. 5, 2001

By Staff
I remember Miss Knight
After reading your Sunday article on Miss Sadie Knight, I felt compelled to write you. I grew up in the neighborhood of Harris High and West End
Elementary schools. We called our neighborhood, "The Gofer Hole." We had fun growing up in that area. As most adults do, I mostly try to remember the good times of childhood during the sixties and seventies.
Many of my memories reflect on the fun we had playing in Highland Park. For many years we walked to Magnolia Park in East End to swim or play. Once we begin to play in Highland, Miss Knight's kindness and smiling face was one that welcomed us. She would let us play in her yard and ride her pony as well. If it rained, she would welcome us inside her home. If it continued to rain, she would give us a ride back to our neighborhood "in her Volkswagen."
I have many fond memories of growing up in Meridian. Miss Knight as well as others helped us realize that we were more than poor little kids. She helped us to realize that we were just kids.
Thank you, Miss Knight, and God bless.
Jeff Moore
Big trouble with dry cleaners
To the Editor:
Please allow me to tell you of my recent nightmare at a local dry cleaners. I had purchased this very nice silk dress to wear to a wedding. After wearing the dress twice, I had two small stains on it. Upon taking it to our family cleaners and calling their attention to the stains, I left it thinking all is well.
To my horror, after picking up the dress, with no acknowledgement from them, I discovered the color was gone from the lower portion of the dress. After complaining to the cleaners with no results, I took a witness with me to hear their farcical story, which they changed three times as we stood listening. The most far-fetched being that they accused me of getting too close to someone mopping with bleach.
Is this the kind of dry cleaners you would want to use? Oh, by the way, should you want to see or get in touch with the owner/manager, you have to be fast. It seems he is only available from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m., maybe. Don't bother to leave your name and phone number because he will not return your call.
Just in case you should want to know, this dress was purchased at our local Dillard's. They were willing to go to the trouble of sending the dress back to the vendor. They also checked the stains. Though no fault of Dillard's, they have offered compensation for my loss.
What's wrong with this picture? When I need cleaning again, will I go to this particular cleaners? No way.
Will I continue to shop at Dillard's? You bet.
Genola Jenkins
Democrats taken over by forces of socialism
To the Editor:
In his recent letter to the editor, which appeared in your Aug. 30 edition, the new state chairman of the Democrat Party used my name ( "… and if switching' is such a hot idea, why didn't it work for … Jim Herring …").
While the writer is naturally frustrated because of recent mass resignations from his state party's executive committee, as well as the resignations of its state chairman, executive director and state treasurer, he inappropriately questions the motives of those who left his ranks.
Speaking for myself, I can tell you that I left the Democrats years ago because I concluded that their party has been taken over by forces that would lead America to socialism, and a secondary role in the world.
Witness the recent pronouncement by Congressman Bennie Thompson (after socializing in Cuba with communist dictator Fidel Castro) that we should bring Cuban-trained doctors to Mississippi.
When asked about the fact that these doctors might bring the communist philosophy to our state and nation, the Congressman dismissed the danger by saying that the dictatorship in Cuba is "just another form of government."
Jim Herring
Chairman, Mississippi Republican Party