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Naval designation ceremony held

By Staff
Spet. 15, 2001
A naval aviator designation ceremony was held Friday in the chapel at Naval Air Station Meridian. The naval aviator designation ceremony is not prescribed specifically by U.S. Navy regulations, but has emerged as an honored product of the rich heritage of naval tradition.
It marks the culmination of nearly two years of specialized training, which has prepared officers for the rigorous demands of aerial combat and carrier operations earning each the title of "Naval Aviator" and the right to wear the coveted "Wings of Gold."
The guest speaker was Brigadier Gen. James F. Amos, USMC, Assistant Deputy Commandant for Aviation Headquarters.
Twenty-one U.S. Navy and Marine Corps pilots received wings of gold.
Wingees who carrier qualified in the T-45C "Goshawk" include:
1st Lt. Robert Antolina of Lake Worth, Fla.
1st Lt. Christopher Armes of Cumming, Ga.
Lt. j.g. Juli Beaty of Jacksonville. Fla.
Lt. j.g. Michael Billman of Walnut Springs, Texas
Lt. j.g. Jason Degroot of Hillsborough, N.J.
Lt. j.g. Christopher Franssen of Lebanon, Tenn.
Lt. j.g. Brett Holdiman of Cincinnati, Ohio
1st Lt. Bradley Karet of Rockaway, N.J.
1st Lt. Benjamin Kirby of Orlando, Fla.
1st Lt. Patrick McMonigle of Philadelphia, Penn.
Lt. j.g. Omar Medina of Miami Beach, Fla.
Lt. j.g. Patrick Myrick of Seattle
Capt. Gregory Smith of Brookfield, Wis.
1st Lt. Michael Spears of Champaign, Ill.
Lt. j.g. Matthew Teachout of Middletown, Va.
Those wingees who carrier qualified in the T-2C "Buckeye" include:
Lt. j.g. Joshua Greene of Clearwater, Fla.
Ensign Matthew Hooker of Virginia Beach, Va.
Lt. j.g. James Maize of Butler, Penn.
Lt. j.g. Benjamin Martin of Esneux, Belgium
Lt. j.g. Troy Miller of Nashville, Tenn.
Lt. j.g. Daniel Stahlschmidt of St. Louis, Mo.
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