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Sept. 19, 2001

By Staff
A few things you can do
To the Editor:
Now that we are in a state of war, many patriotic
Mississippians want to do something to do their part. Here are a few suggestions:
Give blood. Almost anyone can do this.
If you're not able to join the regular military or National Guard, you can enlist in the Mississippi State Guard. We are a home-guard type unit under the command of the governor of the state for use inside the state only. We'll accept most any citizen in good standing from ages 17-62 and you have no physical or written test to take. Call me at 601-693-4783 for more info. Also visit our website at for a look at our mission and some pictures of us in action.
This war is going to be hard  much harder than my combat experience. It is a fight to the death between our culture and that of religious fanatics who seek our destruction. We're going to need the help of all our country's sons and daughters.
Pate Miranda
America has a blueprint for freedom'
To the Editor:
I was in a store several days ago and heard a fellow say, "If America didn't stay in other folks' business, they wouldn't target us."
As I watch photos of women and men jumping to their deaths from 110 stories up, I wonder what kind of man could lay the blame for this crime against humankind at the feet of its victim.
Islamic fundamentalists want a world in which women are killed by their families when raped (for shaming the family) and adulterers are set afire and rolled off cliffs, and all you can see is that the bad, bad Americans are reaping what they have sown.
Any nation of any power has to make thousands of policy decisions, some of which turn out to be miscalculations. But the core of any nation is its overall treatment of its friends AND enemies, and its intent.
The U.S. has as good a record in this regard as any nation on earth. Its intent has been to oppose totalitarian societies by limiting the spread of totalitarian power, sometimes by lying in bed with the devil to do it.
We tore our nation apart, brother killing brother, to end the evil slave trade, in a war that saw 5,000 casualties almost daily.
We did it because we had a blueprint for freedom, in which "all men are created equal," guaranteed to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." It was a road set by our forefathers, that we are still traveling bumpily down, a promise reflected in the face of the Statue of Liberty, a promise not fully realized, but a golden ideal nonetheless.
I only wish I could sentence this fellow to live the rest of his life in Osama Bin Laden's "ideal" society. He would soon enough grow weary of such an oppressive existence.
And let me tell you something: Osama has killed 5,000 Americans in a nation of 280,000,000. He has destroyed four buildings in a nation that has thousands of skyscrapers. Osama will soon enough be dead along with hundreds of his fanatics.
America is startled for one day, but we are not a fearful people. We will win this war because we are the greatest nation, with the greatest constitution, the greatest democracy, with the most open heart, with the most forgiving nature, with the most helping hands, and the most welcoming arms.
Ask those who murdered us, and whom we then rebuilt after World War II. Ask any of the nations we have sent scores of relief workers and aid to in times of earthquake, flood, or any natural disaster. Nations that have opposed us. Nations that we then forgave.
I hope after we have defeated these forces  which we will  we will heal our own hearts from bitterness.
But I have one question: These poor misguided souls were willing to lay down their lives in behalf of terror. Are we willing to shed our blood for a free society?
Go stand in front of the thousands of crosses and stars of David in Arlington National Cemetery, walk across the dead at Gettysburg. And you will have your answer.
William D. Combs
Butler, Ala.
Terrorism a slap in the face
To the Editor:
I support our President in his decision to combat terrorism. Our country should not allow such an act to go unpunished. Our troops have been sent to other countries to protect them and many of our loved ones have lost their lives protecting the interest of other countries. It is time we used our troops to protect the interest of our own country. This act of terrorism on our own land was a slap in the face.
They used our own planes and our own people to strike against us. This should not be tolerated. The aggressor should be punished to the fullest extent.
Gia Kennedy
Take your rest in Heaven'
To the Editor:
I have a heavy heart for the civilians who lost their lives and especially for the firefighters and medical personnel who died in the line of duty.
I am a firefighter and medic, and the 300-400 personnel that were lost are my brothers and sisters. I am wearing a black band around my firefighter badge and my medical ID, and will wear it till the bodies of all my brothers and sisters are found and put to rest, although their spirits will never be at rest.
To them I say … you laid down your life in the performance of your duty never asking why. You have given your all to help others without asking who. Your only thought as you answered the call was Lord, Give me the strength to save these lives and keep me safe in the face of danger.
Evil has taken you from us. We can no longer tell you thanks and see your smile.
But please remember that you are the chosen, your time on earth is done, you have served your time in Hell.
Now take your rest in Heaven.
Edward R Williams
Captain, Northeast
Volunteer Fire and Rescue