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Meridian police deal with bad drivers

By By Marianne Todd/The Meridian Star
Sept. 29, 2001
Police say nothing causes road rage more than a driver in a hurry.
Benny DuBose, acting chief for the Meridian Police Department, has seen his share of bad drivers during his 20-year career with the MPD. Sometimes, he said, a driver is late but ends up blaming the person in front of them.
Other drivers aren't as lucky, especially those who ignore common courtesy, conveniently forget traffic laws and drive anyway they want just to reach their final destination.
In the process, they can cause serious traffic accidents and create traffic jams. They also draw the ire of motorists and law officers who try to drive responsibly.
MPD Capt. Roger Welborn said officers on his shift receive a lot of complaints about people who talk on their cell phones while driving.
Also topping the list of road complaints, Welborn said, are people who cut drivers off in traffic and people who "piggy back" other cars through yellow and red lights.
Tailgaters and speeders also create problems.
Welborn said speeders often say they broke the law because they had to use the restroom.
MPD Cpl. Michael Spears said that people sometimes tell him they are in a hurry even though they are not "in an emergency situation. And people hate being cut off. They'll squeeze into a safe gap another driver has created."
Welborn said some drivers think police aren't aware of their behavior. Sometimes they will even try to switch drivers as they are headed toward a police roadblock, he said.
Marianne Todd is a staff writer for the Meridian Star. Call her at 693-1551, ext. 3236, or e-mail her at