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War without borders, enemies in the shadows'

By Staff
Sept. 23, 2001
This war is different. It may well be fought just as forcefully in the corporate boardrooms of international banks as in the mountains of Afghanistan as a trail of terrorism financing is identified and exposed. In this case, experts say, cutting off the source of financing is a critical element of success.
As Dr. Jnos Radvnyi, holder of the chair in International Studies at Mississippi State University, said terrorism's source of funding and its supporting infrastructure must be eliminated. Take away its source of support and the evil within will collapse. The task can only be accomplished through an international coalition and we hope the one being built now will be strong enough to withstand the potential political whiplash.
As U.S. military personnel prepare for war, our leaders are preparing us for a long-term struggle against terrorism. In a presentation at a town meeting called by U.S. Rep. Chip Pickering last week, Radvnyi used the words "War without borders, enemies in the shadows" to describe what's coming.
It is true that this new war on terrorism extends beyond our borders. It is possible that some innocent people of Middle Eastern descent will be unjustly accused. It is possible that every country on Earth will be touched in some way.
We hope the free ride enjoyed by countries that harbor terrorists is over, that they begin to realize the consequences of their actions.
The Meridian Star proudly stands with the president in this initiative to drive terrorism from the face of the Earth. We proudly back the men and women of the U.S. military who will be called into harm's way. We salute the thousands of patriotic people in East Mississippi who are showing their colors by flying the American flag.
It is especially encouraging to note the response to the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks by young Americans, particularly students. This new war may well be the defining moment of their lives and, somehow, many of them seem to feel it.