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No coverage of high school bomb threat

By Staff
Sept. 30, 2001
We take this space today to explain what we see as a point of professional responsibility as journalists and a point of civic responsibility as an active, concerned and involved member of this community.
It has been The Meridian Star's policy for some time now that we will not cover bomb threats called in anonymously to schools in our coverage area. Our reporters quickly found out about the threat last week, but the decision was made to stick with the aforementioned policy. We know other media do not share this policy, as is their clear right, and we do not presume to impose it on anyone else.
Our preference is that the pages of this newspaper not be used in any way that might be construed as glorifying an act of immature defiance and potential violence involving our children. No clipping should hang on any wall about how much disruption and confusion was caused by bomb threats on the day of their occurrence.
We remain committed to giving our readers solid coverage when and if official charges are filed in this or any other similar incident. And we encourage prosecution of any offender to the fullest extent of the law.