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Homicide ruled in Newton County case

By By Marianne Todd\The Meridian Star
Oct. 6, 2001
NEWTON Sheriff's officials have classified the discovery of human remains in a remote section of the Newton County as a homicide.
Sheriff Jackie Knight said Friday that officials discovered the remainder of a body after a dog brought home a human head on Tuesday and an arm on Wednesday.
Knight and investigators with the Mississippi Highway Patrol had put a tracking collar on the dog about 5 p.m. Thursday, hoping the dog would lead them to the rest of the body. An hour later, they discovered what they believe is the body of a black man.
Knight transported the skull from Hattiesburg to the Mississippi Mortuary in Jackson, where the rest of the body has been transported for autopsy. The head had been sent to an anthropologist in Hattiesburg for identification purposes.
Knight declined to discuss details surrounding the case, including whether investigators know the man's identity or circumstances surrounding the homicide. He said he hopes to be able to release more information on Monday, when a preliminary autopsy report could be returned.
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