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Oct. 3, 2001

By Staff
Liberal views of national media
To the Editor:
The removal of the red, white and blue ribbons by the national media broadcasters is just another liberal gesture. Once again, they have to side with those that don't necessarily support our country. I urge you
folks out there that support such activities to pick a better country.
Find you a country where you can speak when you want, you can worship any God that you choose, you have the right to own a firearm. You can do almost anything you put your mind too as long as it doesn't cause harm to others.
Please do us all a favor, get you a globe, turn it around several times until you find a place better to live, then go there. If you choose to stay in this American country that we here call the United States of America, show your support, rather than trying to send out some unknown message.
Tal Robinson
On taxing Choctaws' casino
To the Editor:
Where was the State when the Choctaws were starving? Where was the State when the Choctaws were dying from alcohol abuse? Where was the State when the Choctaws were living in the poorest conditions of any other humans on earth?
I ask you, where were you? And now state legislators want the Choctaws to pay? To help them out of a mess they themselves have caused! It will be a cold day in hell when I agree to take from someone who has gone from the poorest to finally having a plate full of food and a decent place to live and not have to bury their babies for a lack of it.
You should be rewarding Chief Martin for doing something that you would not do. So I say to all the legislators, get yourself out of your own mess by yourself just like the Choctaws did.
Richard Lancaster
Gasoline price gouging
To the Editor:
I don't as a practice view the Comcast rebroadcasts of city council meetings I have attended, but I am informed that, again, the volume was turned down while I was addressing the council. I can only guess that there is something queer related to the wiring of the council chamber.
The issue I addressed Sept. 18 was the investigation by Attorney General Mike Moore of gasoline price gouging in the wake of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, and other unjustified gasoline price increases.
Attorney General Moore obtained from Governor Musgrove a declaration of emergency which will allow him to investigate and prosecute those who attempted to turn this national tragedy into personal profit. He should be commended for his attempt to protect the public from the greed of the few sorry individuals seeking excess profit from gasoline sales.
In addition, Attorney General Moore is working with the attorneys general of other states to seek national answers to the unjustified gasoline price spikes that have become so common in recent years. Meridian residents have long suffered much higher gasoline prices than others in Mississippi. Almost everyone will agree that ongoing overcharging is a great danger to our local economy.
It is in all our interests to work with Attorney General Moore in his efforts to prevent or punish gasoline price gouging. For the citizens of Meridian, who have seen their declining local economy damaged, there can hardly be a higher priority.
William Hugh Johnson