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Unified council made the right decision on housing upgrades

By Staff
Oct. 5, 2001
Meridian residents who live in mobile homes have six months to upgrade to larger, more modern homes if they wish. This opportunity comes thanks to the Meridian City Council, which unanimously overrode the mayor's veto of the proposal.
The council's action provides a window of opportunity for residents who live in older single-wide manufactured homes and petitioned the city council to let them upgrade to larger, double-wide homes. Not only may the homes be larger and more comfortable for the residents, they will replace homes that were showing signs of wear.
While there was considerable debate and a marked difference of opinion on this issue, the council made the right decision. The best public policy must accommodate the needs and desires of real people with real problems. In this case, residents who wish to do so will be able to improve the quality of their lives, and that should be ultimate goal of every city ordinance.
We applaud the council's action and the unity its members displayed in dealing with such a sensitive local issue in an appropriate manner.