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Vandals strike Old Glory'

By Staff
A NEW FLAG Chris Brown of Mitchell Signs replaces an American flag in front of Community Bank on 22nd Avenue. Bank employees arrived at work Friday and discovered ropes had been cut and the flag stolen from the pole. Photo by Marianne Todd/The Meridian Star.
By Marianne Todd\The Meridian Star
Oct. 6, 2001
Community Bank president and CEO Chuck Nicholson said Friday if the thieves who stole Old Glory from a flagpole at the front of the bank will bring it back, he won't prosecute.
Nicholson said the 301 22nd Ave. bank has "state of the art surveillance" 24 hours a day.
The 5-by-8 foot flag flew before the bank's marquee, a sign advertising the bank's participation in "Flags of Freedom," a program designed to place American flags all over Lauderdale County.
Nicholson said the police who responded "were as dismayed about it as I was."
VFW Post 79 Cmdr. James Slayton said flag theft is unusual, although flags have been stolen from his Highway 11/80 West post.
Another flag was hoisted at the bank Friday afternoon and the flagpole's hardware was replaced high enough on the pole to require a ladder, Nicholson said.
Police said that according to state law, anyone identified taking the flag could be charged with petit larceny and face a maximum $1,000 fine and six months in jail.
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