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Local investors to close today on the purchase of Weidmann's

By By Fredie Carmichael/The Meridian Star
Oct. 11, 2001
A group of local investors plans to sign a contract today for the purchase of Weidmann's restaurant, the historic downtown Meridian business that closed its doors last week.
Fred Wile, one of four local businessmen heading "The Weidmann's Square LLC," said the group signed up its 50th investor last week. Investors had to put up at least $20,000 toward Weidmann's purchase and renovation.
Renovation of Weidmann's is expected to take about nine months. When finished and ready to open again, Weidmann's Square plans to lease the business to Jackson restaurateur Nick Apostle.
Plans call for a casual menu at the renovated Weidmann's, with entrees ranging from $12-$21, and a specialty menu, with items priced from $24-$34. The restaurant will feature a second-floor bar and two banquet rooms.
Former Weidmann's owners L.M. "Poo" and Gloria Chancellor plan to "take it easy for a while" after selling the restaurant. Poo said he and his wife are "very confident" the group will keep the restaurant's storied atmosphere alive.
Chancellor also said he was excited that the group wants Apostle to take control of the renovated restaurant. Apostle is owner and manager of the popular, upscale Nick's restaurant in Jackson.
Wile, whose group sees Weidmann's as a key part in downtown revitalization, agreed: "None of us can run a restaurant, that's for sure. This guy (Apostle) knows the business though. He'll do a fine job."
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