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Flags of Freedom: Banks offer public service

By Staff
Oct. 5, 2001
The eight banking institutions operating in Lauderdale County have joined in a notable display of unity by opening accounts for the "Flags of Freedom" campaign. Anyone can make a tax-deductible contribution at any bank for the effort to raise money that will be used to buy and display American flags at prominent locations throughout the city and county.
While Lou Pennebaker of the Memory Tree Foundation deserves credit for the idea, this flag campaign is larger than any single organization. It is an opportunity for people to demonstrate pride in our country and unity in the face of terrorist threats.
All of the money raised will go toward purchasing flags, brackets, braces and poles. Contributions will be accepted from individuals, businesses and organizations.
Local governing bodies are doing what they can to display the flag, but Pennebaker is right when she says we shouldn't depend on city and county government exclusively. "We, the people" should buy these flags and, hopefully, enough money will be raised to buy hundreds of them.
The Flags for Freedom effort is a good cause that we all can support.
For more information, visit your local bank or contact Lou Pennebaker at 482-3685.