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Henson retires from Meridian Fire Department after 21 years

By Staff
SAYING GOODBYE Meridian Fire Marshal David Henson will retire Tuesday after a 21-year career with the city. The Meridian Fire Department will host a reception honoring Henson from 2 p.m.-4 p.m. today at Central Fire Station. Photo by Marianne Todd/The Meridian Star
By Marianne Todd/The Meridian Star
Oct. 15, 2001
It has been said that when Fire Marshal David Henson cuts himself, he bleeds smoke.
The son of a former assistant fire chief and the brother of a firefighter, Henson joined the Meridian Fire Department in 1979 two years after his father and brother retired.
On Tuesday, Henson will say goodbye to his co-workers at Central Fire Station as he officially retires. But Henson's career in fire inspection is far from over.
Henson is reluctant to talk about his future job prospects, but adds he is leaving time to spend with "the wife and grandkids."
Traveling is also on the agenda to the North Carolina home of his wife, Barbara, and to the National Fire Academy in Maryland, where Henson received his training.
Sad memories
Henson said he also will carry sad memories into retirement. He recalled a house fire in the mid-1980s at 29th Avenue and 10th Street, in which a 99-year-old man died.
The 1985 fire that destroyed the Scottish Rite Temple is another memory Henson can't forget.
Best moment
Henson said his proudest moment was the opening last year of Central Fire Station on 14th Street.
Keeping a promise to his father also makes him proud, he said.
Fire Chief Bunky Partridge said he plans to fill Henson's position by promoting from within the Meridian Fire Department. Partridge said he isn't sure when he will offer an exam that interested employees will have to take.
Partridge said Henson will be hard to replace.
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