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Volunteer firefighters, emergency medical responders honored

By Staff
From staff reports
Oct. 27, 2001
Anyone who has ever had a heart attack or watched their home burn knows the comfort and help volunteer firefighters and emergency medical responders bring.
Most volunteers say love of their communities is the reason they donate their time. On Oct. 20, firefighters and emergency medical responders were honored with an appreciation banquet and awards ceremony.
Fellow volunteers recognized the top 42 firefighters and emergency responders of the year, chosen based on their accomplishments and merits.
Volunteer Firefighters and Emergency Medical Responders of the Year are:
Al Taylor and Vanessa McRae of Whynot;
Danny Shelton and Al Minyard of Martin;
Joey Rogers and Ronnie Clark of Suqualena;
Joe Litchfield and Glenn Beasley of Long Creek;
Steven Snow and Derrick Sevier of Sam Dale;
Wayne Robertson and Shonda Yates of Meehan;
John Harris Sr. and Darlene Gibbs of Center Ridge;
Bobby Brantley and Chris Vaughn of Russell;
Scott Lashbrook and Rick Stanwood of Northeast;
Joey Hardin and Sonny Carmichael of Clarkdale;
Joe Burton and Jubil Ryan of Lauderdale;
Pete Bailey and Pam Grice of Collinsville;
Mike Vance and Frank Buckley of South;
Sylvia Hurt and Floyd Hurt of Toomsuba;
Leon Ross Jr. and James Stuckey of Alamucha;
Ronnie Fuller and Julie Fuller of Marion;
Richard McDonald and Meredith Stephens of Vimville;
Billy Hagwood and Mary Ethridge of Causeyville;
Rusty Harrison and Mike Guinn of Pine Springs;
Butch Carter and John Nelson of Bailey; and
and McQuire and Brian Quinn of Lost Gap.