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Residents can make $30 for killing beavers

By Staff
Special to The Star
Nov. 6, 2001
Lauderdale County residents will be able to earn $30 for killing beavers on their property.
The bounty became available after the Lauderdale County Soil and Water Conservation District enrolled in the Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation Commission's Beaver Control Program.
The district will pay $30 for each beaver killed in Lauderdale County. Landowners must provide the animal's complete tail and sign an affidavit stating it was killed on property he owned in Lauderdale County.
Location of the property, by section, township, and range, must be provided before receiving the fee. Payments will be made to individual landowners only.
Landowners can collect a bounty on up to 25 beavers. No payment will be made to trappers or representatives of the landowner.
The bounty expires May 1, 2002. Officials will then evaluate the program and determine if it will be available next year.
For more information, call the Lauderdale County Soil and Water Conservation District clerk at 483-4100, ext. 3. Or visit the district office inside the Natural Resources Conservation Service office at 2412 Seventh St., Suite 3, Meridian, MS 39301-5055.