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Calling out the National Guard

By Staff
Nov. 7, 2001
Meridian's problem with partially-burned out, abandoned or dilapidated houses has become so extreme that the city council has authorized the Army National Guard to step in and tear them down. Bravo.
Finally, someone has demonstrated the courage to step into an unsightly mess and make these horrible eyesores go away. For the Guard, it's like a military training exercise. For city taxpayers, it's a public service.
For far too long on far too many city streets, decrepit hulks in the form of abandoned houses on weed-laden lots have greeted school children every morning as they catch the bus. They deserve better.
Abandoned houses offer venues for illicit drug abusers, and attract rodents and litter. Tearing down as many as can be humanly managed from the list of two dozen or so submitted to the city council will send a strong and positive message.
To the city council, we say, "Good move."