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Meridian churches to dedicate new buildings Sunday afternoon

By By Ida Brown/The Meridian Star
Nov. 17, 2001
Two Meridian churches will expand their outreach ministries with the dedication of new buildings Sunday.
Afternoon ceremonies are scheduled at 3 for Fitkins Memorial Church of the Nazarene and at 4:30 for Northcrest Baptist Church. Both programs will mark the completion of another phase of long-range building projects for the churches.
Northcrest Baptist Church
While the recent completion of a new multi-purpose building marks the third phase of a long-term building phase at Northcrest, the structure is more than just another building on the church's grounds.
Construction on the 17,900-square-foot building began in March 2000 and was completed in August. The building includes a fellowship hall with a seating capacity of 500. The fellowship hall will be the setting for the church's family night suppers, banquets, receptions and other special events.
Also featured are an activities building that includes a gymnasium (high school regulation), eight Sunday school classrooms and a 1,600-square-foot industrial kitchen. Overall cost of the project is just over $2 million.
In addition to helping improve the Northcrest outreach ministry, the facility was needed to accommodate Northcrest's growing membership.
Other long-range building projects include an office complex and a choir suite. Additional land has been purchased for Northcrest's anticipated growth.
The church is located at 3412 North Hills St.
Fitkins Memorial Church of the Nazarene
The site for the Dr. Charles Johnson Family Life Center is familiar grounds for the congregation of Fitkins Church of the Nazarene.
A house on the plot served as the church's youth center and also was the location for the Youth Excitement Team (YET) tutorial program.
Five years after establishing plans for the center, construction of the $250,000 structure began in February and was completed in September.
The 7,200 square-foot center includes 10 classrooms for Sunday school and youth activities, a gymnasium for basketball as well as areas for a pingpong table and a pool table.
A reception area also is included and will be used for family-style gatherings, banquets, receptions and other gatherings. Although installation of appliances is not complete, the kitchen will feature modern day conveniences.
The church's board voted to name the center after Johnson, who has served as the church's pastor for more than 30 years.
Johnson said the family life center not only will serve the church, but also the community.
Basketball games are currently held at the center Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings at 6. Participation is open to the public.
The church is located at 1110 38th Ave.