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Want to volunteer? Just ask

By Staff
PAINT JOB Ruth Glisson, right, and her daughter, Lauren, paint a chair for an upcoming production at the Meridian Little Theatre. Glisson enjoys working behind-the-scenes at MLT productions, and has been volunteering for more nearly five years. Photo by Paula Merritt/The Meridian Star
By Steve Swogetinsky/The Meridian Star
Nov. 18, 2001
Volunteering and getting involved in the community has always been a family affair for Ruth Glisson.
Experience helps
She and her husband, David, along with their three children, have made Meridian their home for nearly 10 years. David is a pilot of the Air National Guard while Ruth home schools and works in different activities. At this point, helping at the Meridian Little Theatre is a major focus.
She first became involved in the MLT nine years ago when her oldest daughter, Candice, got a part in "Peter Pan."
Her past experience as a window decorator in a department store and a newspaper ad designer are being put to use at the MLT. She helps design the sets and costumes. She worked some in "Annie," and is helping with the production of "Nuncrackers." But most of her energy is going into "The Princess and the Pea," which will be a children's production slated for January.
Just ask
Born in Indiana, Glisson's family was military and she grew up "all over."
That's what happened when Glisson told MLT director Jimmy Pigford she wanted to help with "a little artwork."
Depending on the production, as many as 60-to-70 behind-the-scenes workers can be involved in one play. And that's not counting the actors, Pigford noted.
Happy at home
When the Glissons moved to Meridian, they hoped to settle down.
At first, she became very involved in the local schools.
That got the wheels turning in her head, and for nearly five years, she has home schooled her two younger children, Jon and Lauren. Through this experience, she feels she has gotten to know her children a lot better.
The family has five dogs and two cats. Lauren has a horse named Star,' which delivered a filly just eight-months ago.
The Glissons live in the northeast part of the county but are building a farm near Collinsville. "We have some land, and we hope to live there some day, but it's going to be a while," Glisson said.
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