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Sunday, Nov. 25, 2001

By Staff
On education reform, more money for police
To the Editor:
Let's talk about two things here.
1. Education reform. How about doing the simplest and least costly thing that will greatly improve the quality of education here. "Test the teachers." In my time here we have had two English teachers that misspelled words, a math teacher that couldn't do decimals and fractions, and a teacher that thought problems between students should be taken to the street and fought out. Are these the teachers we want? No wonder there are so many moving out into the county where the quality of education is very good. Testing would eliminate teachers with inadequate skills. This rule should not exclude any race or sex. Just whoever passes is acceptable. Others need to seek employment elsewhere.
2. Not enough money for the police budget. While I have great respect for our law officers, their leadership is lacking somewhat. Where can you raise money? Try giving tickets for speeding, running stop signs, littering. To make a point, if you only gave littering tickets to the smokers who are continually throwing their butts in my yard, you would make enough to cover several salaries per month. And how about the people who think 34th Street is a raceway? Just put an observer on a side street and watch. There are a lot of traffic violations that could bring a lot of extra capital by just enforcing the law. I think our officers deserve to be paid a decent wage for putting themselves in harm's way every day for us. But there is a saying " Physician, heal thyself." Try it and see what a difference it could make!
Lloyd Trammell
Great employees' doing fine work
To the Editor:
Bunky and I would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" to The Meridian Star, WTOK and WMDN for allowing employees from their staff to accompany us on the trip to New York City.
Marianne Todd from The Meridian Star, Ellen Goldberg from WMDN and Joe Norwood from WTOK are unsurpassed the most professional and caring news personnel. They worked hours on end to see that their job was done in a professional manner, but also, found the time to become friends at times in our lives that friendship means so much.
Their professionalism, words of kindness, hugs of love and tears of pain meant so much. We that went to NYC now have a "BOND" that will be there forever.
Again, thank you for having such great employees on your staff.
Bunky and Dianne Partridge
Reader says thanks for coverage
To the Editor:
The St. Joseph Catholic Church Meditation Garden appreciates The Meridian Star's Saturday, Oct. 20, front page article. Recently, the response to the
meditation garden has been overwhelming and we believe that some of this is due to your publication.
We have purchased more than 20 newspapers and mailed them to supporters in Michigan, California, Connecticut, Ohio, Maryland and other states, and the supporters were excited to read about the garden's progress.
Since the demolition of the old St. Joseph School/Church building three years ago, our meditation garden committee has been communicating with former alumni, church members and citizens of Meridian about the need to develop this area. This area is considered "holy ground" since the original church was established in the downstairs schoolroom until the present church was built and dedicated on Oct. 19, 1930.
The meditation garden is on the "first church land" and adjacent to the LOVE Soup Kitchen; therefore, it should benefit the community just as the church and school did. We have applied and received grants from KAB and Chevron/Community Pride for the initial landscaping, but this is a continuous project in need of more funds and physical labor.
If you have extra perennials or bulbs that you would like to share, please call the church office and we will pick them up. If you can give us a few hours of physical labor let us know.
Hopefully, by next year this will become a true community meditation garden due to our community's hard work and support.
Adrian Tureaud Mosley
St. Joseph Meditation Garden V
Financial Secretary
Who keeps up Confederate cemetery in Marion?
To the Editor:
While in the Meridian area recently, my wife and I drove out to the Marion community, discovering a historical marker there by the roadside telling of a Confederate cemetery nearby. Following directions from the marker, we soon found it.
We were surprised and saddened to see the unkempt condition of the cemetery. It was overgrown with tall grass and weeds and obviously in a state of neglect. We wondered who, if anyone, is responsible for the upkeep of the cemetery.
If whoever is responsible would call me, I will clean it up  at no cost. To me, that is hallowed ground and should be treated as such.
Haskel Stringer
Bay Springs
(601) 725-4242