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Pet photos with Santa Claus comes to Bonita Lakes Mall

By Staff
Special to The Star
Dec. 2, 2001
Santa Claus is going to the dogs (and cats).
Bonita Lakes Mall presents "Paws &Claus," pet photos with Santa, on Tuesday nights from 5 p.m.-8 p.m. through Dec. 18.
White said pets are limited to cats and dogs only, and all must be brought in on a leash or in a cage. Entry into the mall is limited through the corridor to the west of Goody's. Signs will be displayed signaling the way or customers may call 485-0473 or 693-4960 for more details.
White said families are welcome to join the pets in the picture with Santa.
Any children wishing to have pictures made with Santa without a pet may do so during this time frame; however, they will be required to wait their turn in line with everyone else.
A portion of the proceeds from the evening's sales will benefit the Lauderdale County Humane Society. The Society is in need of funds to care for the abused, abandoned and neglected animals they care for daily.
For more information, call 485-0473, 693-4960 or visit