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Museum members' artwork spotlighted during annual gala

By Staff
Special to The Star
Dec. 2, 2001
The Meridian Museum of Art will host its annual Membership Gala Saturday.
The gala is a special event that combines the reception for the Museum Members Show with a program that recognizes the people who have helped to build and support the art museum during the past 31 years.
Heder says that this year's program, which will start at 6:45 p.m., will include:
A special ceremony remembering the "Founding Artists" of the museum;
The honoring of the museum's 2001 Volunteer of the Year:
An appearance by former museum director Bill Watkins.
The unveiling of the Museum's 2002 t-shirt, featuring the artwork of Hilburn Womble; and,
A special, one-time-only appearance by the Artist All-Star Band.
The Members Show will include work by more than 50 members, including: Elizabeth Mitchell Pajerski, Jean Loeb, Les Green, Millie Howell, Alex Loeb, LoRita Mitcham, Patricia Kent, Neil Hatten, Mary Jean Springer, Bonnie Busbee, Helen Morrison, John Marshall, BJ Hatten, Louanne Jordan, Sarah Springer, Kate Cherry, Ron Murray, Dana Sollis, Sylvia Follis, Terry Cherry, Bonnie James, Ruth Vinson Irwin, Brook Sullivan, Dot Pugh, Pauline Tooman, Charlie Muoz, Kaye Kiker, Shayne Garrett, Linda Muoz, Larry Van Dyke, Martha Lewis, W.C. Porter, Sharon Sheridan, Rhonda Denton, Joey Horne, Lila Thomas, Cornelia Mitchell, Mildred Keen, Sandar Plummer, Catherine Cresswell, Pat Sanders, Peggy Billups, Betty Trest, Lisa Carruth, Sarah Ellen Riley, Carla Horne, Barbara Wells and Jan Trest
Live music for the event will be provided by the multi-talented Terry Cherry, and refreshments will be served. The Membership Gala is open to the public, and there is no charge. The museum is located at 625 25th Avenue in downtown Meridian. Regular hours are 1-5 p.m., Tuesday-Sunday. For more information, call 693-1501.