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Profile 2002: The Fabric of America Wanted: Specific memories for Education/Religion section

By Staff
Dec. 4, 2001
You are invited to submit a memory about church or school to The Meridian Star's reader-written "Profile" edition. The theme this year is "Fabric of America."
We are already receiving a number of general essays on patriotic themes, and need specific memories of how education and religion help define people's lives.
In many ways, the people with whom a child attends church make up his first community. Tell us specific stories about your church, its choir, its congregation. What was your youth group's latest project? Are you a member of a volunteer committee?
Schools, colleges and universities are microcosms of the world. Tell us about the lessons you learned from an elementary school teacher who took time to help you understand long division. Tell us about the guy who's been your best friend since the first grade. Tell us about your fraternity brothers.
Each section will also include survey questions. Here's one from the Education/Religion section: "What's the funniest thing that ever happened during a service at your church?"
Call Managing Editor Suzanne Monk if you have questions, or want to talk about your story idea, 693-1551, ext. 3229. Submissions for the "Education and Religion" section should be received by Jan. 1. They can be sent by e-mail to, or by regular mail to:
The Meridian Star
Profile 2002
P.O. Box 1591
Meridian, MS 39302
Attn: Suzanne Monk