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Profile 2002: The Fabric of America
Sixth section takes aim at business and industry

By Staff
Dec. 9, 2001
You are invited to submit a story, letter or column to The Meridian Star's reader-written "Profile 2002" edition. The sixth section will be devoted to business and industry in East Central Mississippi and West Central Alabama.
Last year's Profile edition, called "By the People," was also reader-written and so successful that we decided to do it again.
The theme this year is "The Fabric of America," and we are looking for entries about the relationships and events, both small and large, that bind us together.
Our "Yankee ingenuity" and spirit of entrepreneurship certainly qualify as binding forces. The United States is the world's most successful capitalistic society where the man who can build a better mousetrap controls the future.
If you own a business, tell us about the company's first year. Write a story about the very first dollar you ever earned. Tell us eight things we never knew about lumber, electricity, steel, bolts, insurance, banking, farming, carpet or produce.
Brag on your employees.
Brag on your boss.
Call Managing Editor Suzanne Monk at 693-1551, ext. 3229, if you have questions, or want to talk about your story idea.
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